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Cameron Hinds

Cameron Hinds was one of Leicester’s best-loved performers – a talented guitarist, singer and songwriter. The artist passed away in 2007, but he will be forever remembered for his warmth, generosity and exquisite music.  Cameron Hinds Day at The Donkey started as a tribute to his life, soon after his funeral.  However, it also ran in 2008 and featured a number of local musicians performing some of the finest songs he had written.  Cameron leaves Leicester a legacy of music that will continue to be played for many years to come.  

Cameron was born in Barbados and came to live in Leicester’s Highfields area in the early sixties, aged five. His father kick-started the young artist’s interest in playing the guitar before he split from Cameron’s mother and left the family home. With a passion for soul, reggae, jazz and acoustic blues, Cameron soon became a skilled self-taught musician.  Music ran in the family, and most of his six siblings were also guitarists.

Cameron hit the live music scene in Leicester’s bars and pubs in his early twenties. A full time artist, he was booked to perform at weddings and other local events. He started out singing solo, but later teamed up with saxophonist Rob Charles before appointing a backing band.  Cameron’s infatuation with music also extended to promoting other people’s events, and he kindly loaned out equipment to local artists. He also allowed fellow musicians to play and record his songs. Cameron had a five-year break from Leicester in the early nineties, when he spent time writing and performing music in Barbados.  On returning to Leicester, he resumed normal service as a musician and songwriter.  He fathered four children in his lifetime, including a daughter with his last partner.

Cameron’s brother Adrian cites songs such as ‘My body and soul,’ ‘Gabrielle,’ ‘Shiny Armour,’ and ‘Mr Blue’ as among his favourite Hinds classics. The brothers would often write together, and Cameron had the unique ability to re-shape a song into its finest form. Among his other collaborators were Tanni and George Jeffers (both previously from Groundation), as well as Adrian Blissett, ET, Wendy Christian and George Johnson.

One of Cameron’s greatest musical moments came in 2006, the year before he died, when he supported British reggae outfit Aswad at Leicester’s Peepul Centre. His life continues to be celebrated through his music. The annual Cameron Hinds Day at The Donkey is one example of this. Another is Adrian’s planned musical theatre production, starring young people from Leicester, which will feature songs he co-wrote with Cameron. Cameron’s music lives on.


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