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Classic Groove

Classic Groove came together in 1984.
Originally named Classic Groove Control, it was born from the love of music via persons who frequented Spectrum, a centre for all cultures based in Midland Street, Leicester.
The Spectrum Centre was widely used for youth projects and dances, for the West Indian community.
One of the Sound systems based here was Classic Hi-Fi, predominantly playing reggae and Soca music.
Outside of Spectrum, there was a Soul, funk and Boogie scene, fuelled by the All Nighters running all around the country.
Many people who attended these all nighters, used Spectrum, as a conduit for meeting their friends, not just for music events, but all other community social activities
Two people met in this social community, Derek Inman and Paul Lewis, who then convinced the leader of Classic Hi-FI, to move away from just reggae, and create a platform and different vibe to include the expanding Soul Boogie scene, that wasn’t happening at the time.
The interview gives you an insight from our influences, our inception, how the scene progressed and what they are doing now, from Derek and Paul’s perspective.

We would like to thank everyone who was with us throughout our 30 years…and hopefully, the rest of your lives to come !!


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