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Lornette Ford

Lornette Ford has previously been an unsung heroine of the local music scene. The female artist is the driving-force behind many a young vocalist in Leicester, having established her own academy of voice training and performance – Leicester Vocal Tech. However, she also has a strong career history in her own right, with a Warner Bros UK deal under her belt, classical training and a long line of live and supporting performances alongside artists such as Don E, 50 Cent, The Marleys to name a few. Lornette’s self-reflection is a tribute to her long-standing love affair with music. “I love the grit of hip-hop… the sweetness of reggae… the harmonic sounds of the piano… the simplicity of an acoustic guitar… the edge of an electric guitar…. the emotion of strings”

Lornette grew up in Leicester, which is where she currently resides. While she sang in church throughout her early childhood, her vocal style and sense of musical identity developed in response to a variety of genres and lyrical cultures, from hip-hop to R&B, jazz to blues. “I was able to appreciate the versatility of music. From a young age, I was fascinated by beautiful, unique voices such as Luther Vandross and Anita Baker,” she recalls.

Although R&B became one of her major musical allies, Lornette first made an entrance on the local scene singing her melodies and lyrics over hip hop instrumentals. She began to utilise the emotional flux of everyday scenarios and experiences in her song-writing. In her teens, Lornette performed regularly with local acts, which got her noticed – landing her a record deal with Warner Bros UK.

Despite the industry glamour of mingling with major stars and attending award ceremonies, the songstress now counts the experience of establishing Psalm Productions as one of her career highpoints. Working with her younger sibling, Ezra Ford, has refuelled her motivation. The creative freedom and self-expression without restriction is empowering. “I am able to embrace creativity in a new light, having expressive independence allows me to enjoy music much more. There is no pressure to ‘please’ anyone, if your supporters feel your sound and what you write, then they just feel you.’ Lornette’s future aspirations are to explore new collaborations, updating her craft, and finishing her MA, but her roots will always be strong.


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