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Born and bred in the quiet Leicestershire village of Wanlip, the picture of Adam York’s middle class childhood doesn’t exactly scream ‘hip hop superhero in the making!’ However, from his early twenties, Adam developed a reputation for himself as a first class turntablist. Alter ego DJ Mastersafe is known for his old school panache and has an association with early nineties rave. In his twenty plus years as Mastersafe, Adam’s taken on nights at Junction 21 and Industria, as well as colluding musically with promoters such as Dreamscape, 2Funky, Formation and Miss Moneypennys.

Adam York listened to a range of music throughout his childhood – everything from Frank Sinatra to Abba and soul to soca. This furnished him with respect for all genres, and his parents educated him with retro gems from their record collection. “I was always getting into trouble for touching the turntables as a kid,” Adam recalls. After getting his own set of turntables aged 21, York went from being a bedroom DJ to someone who was in demand.

While working at Wellgosh in Leicester’s late but great Silver Arcade, Adam would often play his own mixed tapes, simply for other people to enjoy. When industry insiders such as Dreamscape’s/ ESP’s Craig Campbell and Formation’s DJSS heard his musical magic, they started booking him for club nights aplenty.

In the early nineties, Adam spent time working the rave circuit. However, he soon began to feel typecast. After a brief dalliance with drum & bass and a career break to have kids, the DJ started making a name for himself within late nineties ‘room 2 scenarios.’ There, he played a mix of old school rave, hip hop, reggae, R & B and anything that took his fancy. He found this creatively freeing, with complete control over his set, and was able to chop and change styles whenever the mood took him.

Adam has since taught turntablism at Loughborough University. He has a hum drum day job, but is still booked for private parties and club nights, based on his reputation as a cutting edge DJ.

Adam describes his approach to turntablism as being far from a bland ‘fade in fade out’ affair, employing slick mixing tricks that highlight the very science of his approach. “I’ll come in and attack the decks – I’ll make you dance,” he says. It’s this appetite for music that’s earned him a local following and inspired others to take on the turntables. Your ultimate unpretentious DJ, Mastersafe is less about self-promotion and more about the music. Mastersafe, we salute you!


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