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Sir Skull

Sir Skull originally from Jamaica came to England in 1975 and lived in London for a year before moving to Leicester in 1976.

He bought himself a 50 watt valve amp with 2 stereo speakers and had his first play out in 1976 before moving on to a bigger watts amp and speakers.

Trevor Mure joined the Sir Skull sound in 1978, Sir Skull (Michal “Skully” Rhoden) had his big break playing at a dance at County Rooms in 1979.

While making his sound system bigger, Maka, Youtie, and Tappie joined the sound system in 1982. They played at places like, Luca, Spectrum workshop, Mr Ks and various house parties. He has also played all over the Midlands, London and as far a field as Ipswich.

In 1989 skully started a dance called “Caribbean Nightout” with Viking International Sound System which later changed to “Revival Nightout” which caught on all over the world. Sir Skull was now doing his own promotions and had his own radio station. Skully brought on stage most of London’s reggae artists.

Sir Skull has also remixed a bhangra album for a well known producer in London.

Sir Skull now resides in London and is still a legend in Leicester and  adored by his many fans.


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