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Originally from Leicester, Leeroy Small aka DJSS (ScratchinStein), is an accomplished DJ and producer, powered by the frenetic rhythms of breakbeat. Also a key founding member of influential label Formation Records, SS has left a lasting footprint on Leicester’s music scene.  His entrepreneurial spirit and irrepressible talent have burned through to the heart of the music industry and made him one of Leicester’s most well-recognised urban heroes.

DJSS started out as a breakdancer, before turning his teenage attentions to electro music in the early eighties. This gradually evolved into an interest in hip hop and by the late eighties, SS was producing a variety of acid house, hardcore, break-beat and drum & bass creations. The self-tutored scratch DJ’s involvement with the hedonistic early nineties rave scene, including a stint at Telepathy, got him noticed and shaped his reputation as a premier league artist.

In a pioneering move, SS soon began producing his own work and paved the way internationally for other breakbeaters to do the same.  He also mentored his peers, to help them polish and perfect their techniques. From the late eighties, SS’s involvement with Formation Records allowed him to collaborate with other artists, remix tracks from fellow creatives and release his own material.  He has produced over eight hundred tracks in his history as an artist.

SS has spent the last decade deejaying internationally.  His ‘World of Drum & Bass’ parties are momentous and his tuneful dexterity sees him spinning melodies everywhere from Manchester to Miami.  SS’s recent S-Files project offers listeners an insight into a variety of drum & bass methodologies. He’s also working on Greenlaw – a nineteen track double LP combining soul, jazz and dub. After over twenty years in the industry, there’s no sign of DJSS’s career slowing down and his international spirit knows no bounds.

Additional Info

  • Born :1970
  • Genres :Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, Electronica
  • Art :Producer & DJ
  • Years Active :30


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