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Urban Legacy Exhbition

Urban Legacy is a celebration of Leicester’s culturally diverse music history, with the spotlight on soul, jazz, hip hop, gospel, drum ‘n’ bass, R&B and reggae. In Autumn 2008, 2Funky Arts appealed to Leicester’s music loving public to nominate their favourite artists and industry figures from the last forty years. The result is an exhibition featuring some of the finest singers, bands, rappers, dancers, musicians, DJ’s, producers, sound systems and record labels Leicester has had to offer.

The popularity of such a rich assortment of musical genres in Leicester has strong associations with our cultural diversity, including influences from the Afro-Caribbean community.  Many of the artists we have featured grew up in areas of Leicester, such as Highfields, where there are strong B.M.E communities, and came to Leicester from locations such as Barbados, Montserrat and Jamaica.  The project celebrates the impact this cultural diversity has had on the local music scene and raises awareness of the styles, history, success and culture surrounding our music heritage.

Urban Legacy is the brainchild of 2Funky Arts Director Vijay Mistry. The biographies were written by Rebecca Wooster and incorporate contributions from featured individuals. Images were collated by Manju Vaja and entries were designed by Pritesh Chauhan.

This exhibition would not have been possible without input from a variety of individuals and organisations across Leicester and beyond.  Thank you to everyone involved.

Urban Legacy is funded by the National Lottery through Awards for All.  


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