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Hailing from Leicester but making earth-shaking gestures worldwide, Vibronics are a visionary dub-reggae act with regular contributions from a potent mix of vocalists, MC’s and musicians. As seasoned festival favourites, Vibronics have gigged everywhere from Shanghai to Tel Aviv and are very much in demand throughout Europe.

Vibronics benefit from an abundance of artists from the punk, drum & bass, reggae and Rasta scenes, alongside producer and founding member Steve Vibronics. Second in command is Richi Roots – a DJ and MC who prides himself on promoting positive messages of reggae to the masses. Roots songstress Boney L has been another key player, applying her own emotive quality to the eclectic formula. Meanwhile, male artists such as Montserrat-born Jah Marnyah, poetic vocalist Madu and the anthemic sound of Wayne McArthur also have a major share in the Vibronics energy.

Originally from Suffolk, Steve Gibbs (aka Steve Vibronics) first came to Leicester as a student in the early nineties. Inspired by the prolific Aba-Shanti-I Sound System and the coded-mystery of digitally composed music, Steve soon set about constructing his own dub-tunes. In 1995, the young artist pieced together a basic home studio fit for generating music on cassette. After Aba-Shanti-I picked up on one of these early tapes, things began to happen.

The Vibronics machine clicked into action and relationships formed with some of the UK’s premier roots sound systems. In 1997, Dub favourites Zion Train took Vibronics on a 22-date tour of Europe and featured their earliest commercial release, Awakenings, on a compilation. Collaboration with Jah Free on the ‘Outernational Dub Convention’ album also sparked numerous live outings and helped cement the Vibronics reputation.

With the Vibronics’ creative endeavours housed in the Bathysphere Collective studio, a series of 7” releases followed and Richi Roots and Steve formed SCOOPS as a launch pad for their creations. The early noughties saw Dub Italizer, the Vibronics first independent album, propel them into even greater adventures.

The Vibronics have since evolved into something festival promoters are quick to snap up and Steve tours with his laptop in tow, usually accompanied by live artists. Vibronics are a leading voice in nu-roots and their curious blend of technical wizardry and authentic dub-reggae is something for Leicester to be proud of and for the rest of the world to savour.


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