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DJ Yess started practicing his self taught DJ’ing skills in 1984, by 1988 he formed a DJ foundation called the ‘Masterplan’. The Masterplan originated from the Golden Age of Hip-hop, an era that encouraged innovation, experimentation and political commentary. With musical sparks flying, their influence spanned a full decade, from 1988-1998. The crew’s parties, radio shows and underground grooves were legendary and the talented team comprised of some of Leicester’s finest MC’s, producers and DJ’s of the time.

A record deal with Ruff Justice Records rewarded Yess’s hard work and the 1992 release, ‘Time for Action’, featuring D Crime, earned them national recognition and critical acclaim. The track was played by Normski on BBC TV and entered the top twenty in the Black Echoes magazine Hip-hop chart. DJ Yess and D Crime went on to broadcast for at least 8 years on Leicester’s ‘Fresh’ FM radio station with a show that ranked number 4 UK radio show of its genre in the ‘Hip Hop Connection’ magazine poll.

Yess had signed to Polydor records by 1995 as a session musician (turtablist) with the Portuguese band ‘Blackout’, completing many tours, TV appearances and gaining ‘smash’ hits in Portugal. Around this time Yess was also DJ’ing and performing with other local and European artists throughout the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Belgium.

In 2009 DJ Yess was nominated to display his early works with ‘Masterplan’ in Leicester’s ‘Urban Legacy’ showcase and also at Manchester’s Urbis Exhibition center’s ‘Homegrown: The Story of UK Hip Hop’, as many now consider some of his works as ‘Urban classics’.

Yess has also worked with young people within many youth sectors for around the last15 years developing music technology workshops for DJ’s, composers and vocalists to provide a wider and more diverse range of opportunities in music education for young people. Today a teacher of Music Technology, DJ Yess’s aspirations are to continue producing with new and upcoming artists, as well as to research for music educational academic journals.

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